Monday, December 13, 2010

A Good Article For Any Design Student To Read.

Design students read this.  I found this a very informative read.  It is an article about the state of design education in America right now.  Coming from an education in Fine Art I understand where the author is coming from.  I have a BFA in painting & drawing and one in sculpture & drawing.  The Bachelor of Fine Arts I have had no distinct career to direct the students into.  It's Art.  A career in art has a need for talent, entrepreneurial savvy, business, networking skill, and knowing how to market yourself really well.  The only thing taught in Art School is how to paint, how to draw, and how to sculpt things (with a few exceptions).  Thus the courses were based on the "how to" curriculum.  Only a couple courses were about the business of being a professional artist.  No where near what is really needed to actually make a living as an artist.  I see a little of this the design program that I'm currently enrolled in.

As soon as I read this piece a bell started ringing in my head.  I have seen (even applied to) schools that accept ANY majors into a MA of Industrial Design with a portfolio and a BA.  These programs fill up fast. And of coarse they do.  I'm sure that these schools want to produce excellent designers but what's most important to them is making money (they have to balance their budget just like everyone else).

I have just started a new school as an Industrial Design student.  With my past experience I have a since of what I'm getting myself into.  I see the pros and cons of the program i'm in.  The pros are important but I think it is the cons in the program that I need to focus on in order to compensate for myself and make it as a designer.  I am old enough to have some real world experience and therefore know that the school part of this is easy (this is something I didn't know this the fist time around) it's making a living at what I love that is going to be the hard part.

All in all I think that I will get as much as I put into the design program I'm in.  I see a lot of the students that are in the mindset of entitlement.  I get it, I was them once.  They're young, I was young and had no idea of what kind of challenges life has to offer.  Yeah, it took me awhile but I know what I want now and i'm going to work hard for it and I think my schooling is going to be an integral part of me making it.

So after reading the article and my bog post try and hop on over to the Core 77 forum and see what everyone else has to say.

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