Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Problem: episode 1, part 11 (The Shaping of things)

Setting up an auxiliary fence in order to do a 160 degree cut with the miter saw.  I just added a longer edge to the box I made for making the tenons earlier.  Worked great.

This is the piece I am about to cut.

Lined up the laser with my line and I am ready to do some cutting.  Lasers are great for lining up angles like this.  Cuts the set up time in half.

Here is me making the cut.  Exciting I know.  When I'm rich I plan on hiring a professional photographer to shoot me while I'm working.  Until then I'm saving for a tripod to set up some more interesting camera angles.

The cut pieces with green and red.
I did the last curved cut with the band saw.

Finishing the curve with the osculating spindle sander.

Everything is ready to prep for finishing.

Chamfered the edges with the router and then I sanded.

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