Monday, November 8, 2010

The Problem: episode 1, part 8 (The Tenons)

Setting up the 12" radial arm saw with the dado.  This sucker has a 1" arbor (for those who care).  

I had to make a stop that would fit under the saw as it slides so I made a box that could easily be clamped to the saw's fence.  It's made of cherry because that's what I had for scrap.

All of my lines for what I need to cut.

I made a hand clamp for when I need to cut the boards vertically because they are twice as tall as the saw's fence and I needed to have them as stable as possible.
I made the hand clamp by cutting a cam like shape (increasing the radius from the center point) in the end of a long board.  Worked great.  It pressed the board firmly up against the lower part of the saw's fence and kept everything as solid as I wanted.

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