Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Problem: episode 1, part 13 (The Big Glue Up)

Really busy week this week.  I got a lot done, just not a lot done with this leg and rail assembly.  What I did do was a major step in getting the thing done.  I have got it ready for the finish.

Had to cut a pile of shims for the tenons and lay out where they go.

And then I did some cutting.

Hey look it fits!  wow.

These are the blind (go into a hole that has a bottom) tenons that I am putting the shims in.  As the shims bottom out in the mortise they are forced back up into the tenon making everything nice and tight.

First is the glue.

Lining it up.

And applying the force.

More force.

And a little more force.  I would like to take a second to thank Mr Greg Burns for taking these action shots of me.  Good Job, thank you.

The upper tenons are through tenons so I could put the shims in after I fit the two pieces together.

And here they are almost ready to be finished.

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